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Animal Health and Welfare
Virginia Animal Identification Program

Official identification is needed for all livestock involved in interstate movement.The Virginia Animal Identification Program helps protect livestock and poultry production in the Commonwealth by improving the traceability of animal diseases of concern. Permanent animal identification and good record-keeping regarding livestock and poultry importations and off-farm animal movements allows state animal health officials to rapidly and effectively respond to disease events when they occur. The program provides the following services at no cost to animal owners in Virginia:

- Livestock and poultry premises registration
- Official identification tags for animals in cooperative animal health programs
- Information on electronic identification and records management

For additional information about assistance available through this program:

Program contact: Richard Odom
Address: 102 Governor St., Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804.692.0600

USDA Animal Disease Traceability web site

Official Identification Tags for Interstate Transport of Cattle
840-series RFID button tag
ID Tag.
ID Tag.
840-series visual panel or RFID combo tag
ID Tag.
ID Tag.
Metal silver “brite” tag with US Shield
ID Tag.
ID Tag.
Metal orange brucellosis vaccination tag
ID Tag.
9xx-series RFID tag (until March 11, 2015)
ID Tag.
ID Tag.

Official Identification Tags for Interstate Transport of Cattle (pdf)

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